Questions & Answers

Yes, the GrowJO (Talent) incentive opportunity is open for both Jordanian and Non-Jordanian firms as long as they hire Jordanian talent.

The firm will pay the new employees salaries fully for 6 months. After the payments have been verified through social security records, the firm will be reimbursed up to 50% of the payments.

No, if a firm is planning to hire mid-level and senior employees it will also qualify for the salary subsidies if it meets the eligibility criteria and passes the evaluation committee overall evaluation.

No, the applying firm can hire for any position as long as it is aligned with the submitted growth plan and strategy.

Yes, the firm will be notified of the reasons why it was not shortlisted or not awarded, and can reapply once it fulfills the requirements missing in its previous application.

Yes, If the firm submits proof of additional contracted work, it will be evaluated by the evaluation committee to determine whether or not the firm will be awarded additional subsidies.