Questions & answers

Can international companies apply to the YTJ incentive opportunities?

Yes, the YTJ incentive opportunities are open for both Jordanian and Non-Jordanian firms as long as they aim
to hire Jordanian Talent and expand ,their operations in Jordan.

Can the firm reapply to the YTJ incentive opportunities if it did not get shortlisted the first time it applied?

Yes, the firm will be notified of the reasons why it was not shortlisted and can reapply once it fulfills the missing requirements.

For how long will the YTJ incentive opportunities be available?

The incentive opportunities will be available throughout the YTJ project duration (5 years) and contingent upon funding availability.

Can a firm that is less than one year old apply to the YTJ incentive opportunities?

No, the firm needs to be registered and operational for a minimum of 1 year to be eligible for any of the YTJ incentive opportunities.

Can a non-digital firm apply to the YTJ incentive opportunities?

No, a firm has to be either digital or digitally-enabled to apply to the (Talent) or the (Market Expansion) incentives.

Can a firm apply to more than one YTJ incentive opportunity at the same time?

Yes, a firm can apply to more than one YTJ incentive opportunity at the same time, but it cannot apply twice to the same incentive until its awarding status is revealed.

How will the incentive be paid to the awarded firms?

For Talent, the reimbursement will happen every six months and based on the Social Security records. For the Market Expansion and the GiG, the reimbursement will be based on Milestones agreed upon in the subgrant agreement.

What is the focus of the Market Expansion incentive opportunity?

The Market Expansion incentive focuses on supporting the firms’ sales and marketing efforts to access new markets, export their products and services, and subsequently create more jobs for Jordanians.

Can the GiG grant be used to develop a new GiG platform?

Yes, if the platform idea is unique and innovative. However, existing and operational platforms are more favorable.

Is the GrowJO (Talent) incentive only awarded to firms planning to hire recent ICT graduates?

No, the incentive is open to all new hires regardless of their position or seniority as long as they are hired outside West Amman.

What are the ineligible areas of West Amman?

According to the Greater Amman Municipality, the areas of West Amman are: Sweileh, Wadi Al Seer, Zahran, Tla’ Al Ali, Al Abdali, Al Jubaiha, Bader Al Jadeedeh.